Airtable functions

I am having difficulty getting the Airtable function working properly.
I have done the integration as required , but when I use the
function to add new records , I get an error when there are more fields.

If I create a record with just one Key field it works, The moment I add other fields as specified in the function documentation , I get an error.

Can any one throw some light on how to use the AIRTABLE functions ?

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Thanks for reporting this, Hari. We have identified a few issues on the ADD_OR_UPDATE_RECORD_AIRTABLE function and our teams are already working on fixing them.

I tested this at my end too and it appears so that if all the fields are text only, then we’re able to add multiple fields but should there be numbers or other data types involved, then we run into some trouble.

Will keep you posted soon as they’re resolved though but in the meantime, it would help if you can share the fields that you were trying to add, along with the error message that you received at the time.
Should any of that be confidential, feel free to DM the details as well.

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I had one date field, one value field, one text field. The text field is the key field.

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Ah! I’d only experimented with the number (Integer) data type but not with the date field.

Reported that too as a new bug to our team. Thanks, Hari :raised_hands:t4:

We just deployed the fix for the number field – tested it and that’s working as expected now :tada:

Will let you know once the date field has been fixed too.

@Hari - just checked back with our team on fixing the date field value and looks like it may take a while for us to get to it; however, here’s a workaround to ensure your requests are successful - encapsulate the date values in a TO_TEXT function and that should mitigate the problem.

I was able to test it at my end without a glitch but would be great if you could try it on your spreadsheet too and let us know in case there are any other challenges that crop up :slight_smile:

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