Add Open Banking feeds is a service that allows one to connect their bank feeds to Google Sheets. It’d be great to skip the middle man and have bank feeds be a direct integration in Rows. (Perhaps via Yodlee or Plaid.) Goodbye extra layer of clunky finance software, hello spreadsheet super powers.

“Open Banking” is the newest/cleanest/securest standard. This protocol could be a way for Rows to ease into this feature, as Open Banking is incrementally rolling out across US banks

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Hey @ltgr :wave:t4: thanks so much for the suggestion.

This is definitely something that has come-up in our conversations and we are strongly considering how best to enable it.

It’d be great if you could also add it as a feature request on our public board here —

In the meantime, if there are any APIs to which you’d like to connect and start working with, we can also do this already with the help of our HTTP functions — GET/PUT/POST.
More on that can be found here — Getting data from any API | Rows

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Thanks for the quick reply, sourabh! I’ve added this to feature requests using the link you provided

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