Add new row or column (and/or draggable rows / columns)

Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or missing something but at the moment the only way for me to add a new row or column is to use the + button at the end of the rows/columns. Adding this new row/column appends it to the end and is not movable. It also means scrolling all the way to the end of the sheet to add this.

Most of the time my use case is to add a column to the left or right of an existing one or to add a row above or beneath an existing row.

Would be great to have this functionality, I use it all the time in G Sheets.


Hey @cwinhall,

Thank you so much the feedback. The ability to add/remove rows and columns is definitely something on our roadmap and something that we are currently working on. Currently you can only add or remove the last rows and columns.
However, you don’t have to move to the end of the sheet to add rows and columns. You can just right-click on any of the rows or columns and select “Insert/Delete last row/column” as shown in the screenshot below.

Currently, as a workaround for inserting new rows/columns in the middle of your sheet, you can cut and paste the cells using the shortcuts Ctrl/Cmd-X and Ctrl/Cmd-V to free up rows and columns. Cutting and pasting cells also allows you to move cells without having them re-execute or break any cell references as opposed to copying and pasting them.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Hady,

Unfortunately the ctrl x and ctrl v solution is not that usable when working with 20+ columns and 100s of rows :stuck_out_tongue: