Add Intergration for Lemlist and Spreadsheet

Would be greate if I could directly send mails via Lemlist.

Hey @Johannes_1,

Thanks for reaching out. Lemlist is currently not in our integrations pipeline for the next quarters but I’ll add your feedback to our list. I’ll let you know if that changes!

Would the integration be to just send emails via dashdash or do something else?

Hey that sounds great. Do you have any other use cases then sending mails in mind?

Other use cases could be get reports of campaign performance (clicks, open rates, etc.)

Lemlist has an API, which you could already integrate with dashdash using our GET/PUT/POST functions. It does not look like you can send emails from the API, but you can get stats from your emails (those KPIs from the campaign performance)

Actually I dont need reports in Dashdash. Sending should be fine.

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Hi @Johannes_1, also check out @Marbusen’s article on how to integrate with a variety of ESPs in dashdash. Maybe that’ll help!