Adapt search integration companies to mass search

I test the template search. So far so good.

Now I want to check e.g. 100 companies without typing each name and position. I already have them in a list. I want to copy the data to rows and then indicated the cells.

a) Either copy the input cells and action button down, but not sure if it works with the next step.
b) I tried to address the cell range with a typical range. Something like. A1,B1,C1, A2:C50.

Does not work. Any suggestions how to make this happen.
Thanks a lot!

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@MRF - are you trying to search for companies or people? Could you please share the template link?

In any case, we should be able to build custom workflows to search for companies/people in bulk :blush: — happy to jump on a screen share session where I could help you build the workflow too.

Please let me know and we could then DM and set up a time :muscle:t4:

@sourabh Thanks for your answer.
I want to search for people, but once it works also for companies.

I use the template find people with company name and position.
I am happy to jump on a screen share any time, also during Easter days. As I cannot find the DM function here, please ping me.

You got it :muscle:t4: — just DM’d you the deets :blush: